History and Vision

Beginning in 1836, the German missionary St. John Neumann desired that every family in this country would have the opportunity to educate their children in both academics and in our Catholic faith. Our parish school was established in 1849 and today, more than 160 years later, St. John Neumann’s vision continues as St. Mary’s serves students and their families from more than ten area school districts.


It is our vision to provide an outstanding faith-based learning environment where all are welcomed, and where each student experiences a formative and rich curriculum that promotes:

  • Faith – embodied as followers of Jesus Christ, reflecting His love for all;
  • Family – embraced as we accept our integral roles as family members, community members, and global citizens;
  • Knowledge – inspired through an active spirit of inquiry, discovery and joy in every classroom;
  • Service – imbued in the daily and monthly activities of each classroom;
  • Tradition –  instilled as we honor the dignity and heritage of all;