School Board

Saint Mary School Board of Limited Jurisdiction

Our School Board is comprised of parish, school, and community members who have a special interest in promoting the growth and vitality of Saint Mary School. We are grateful for their service to SMS and proud to have an opportunity to work with them for the betterment of the school. Our current Board members are:

  • Dr. Kris Principe, Chair
  • Ms. Jennifer Bialek, Secretary
  • Mr. Gerry Drinkard, Finance
  • Dr. Sean Glenn
  • Dr. Pamela Hershberger
  • Mr. Paul Schiappa
  • Mrs. Julie Wojcik
  • Mrs. Phyllis Zak


  • Father Bob Zilliox, ex officio
  • Mr. Ryan Verity, ex officio
  • Mrs. Mary Jo Aiken, ex officio

Strategic Plan 2016-2020