I have found over the years that the students from St. Mary’s Swormville come to Mount St. Mary extremely well-prepared for the academic rigors of high school. They are good time managers and have learned how to learn. St. Mary’s Swormville students have had broad exposure to learning opportunities, and this makes them eager to take on challenges both inside and outside the classroom at Mount St. Mary. In addition, they come to us ready to be leaders and to serve others, two qualities very important to us at Mount St. Mary.

Our Catholic faith is central to every experience at Mount St. Mary, just as it is at St. Mary’s Swormville. Students from St. Mary’s have a strong foundation in their faith and this translates well to high school and beyond. Students’ faith experiences shape who they become as they seek answers to life’s questions in the light of Christ’s teachings. We find that St. Mary’s students have had many opportunities to serve others, and they understand the importance of helping those in need.

Julie R. Wojick

Assistant Principal for Institutional Advancement, Mount St. Mary Academy

Your children will receive an enriched Catholic education, and St. Mary School will become an extension of your family – a place where your children are cared for and loved. Each child realizes his or her full potential because of the community that surrounds and nurtures our children each day.

Matt & Lynda Carver

St. Mary parents

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the Regents programs at St. Mary’s. Mrs. Horan and Mr. Riester have prepared the students thoroughly for the Regents exams as well as for advanced classes in high school!

Kelley Carlson

St. Mary parent

If you’re looking for a Catholic school for your children, take it from a “new family” – choose St. Mary School. You will not be disappointed! 

From parish leadership to school leadership, teachers, staff, families and fellow students, it doesn’t get any better. St. Mary’s is the perfect size for our family and it will be for yours as well!

In addition to a quality education that’s inclusive of all the latest technology, the way St. Mary’s helps develop our children into good people is an extension of everything we try to teach at our kitchen table every night.

How to be kind and respect others. How to embrace differences. How to be charitable. These are the values, that in addition to a quality education; we were looking for in a school. 

We get that and so much more from St. Mary!

Tim Marren

St. Mary School Parent

I was given the gift to attend St. Mary’s for 7th and 8th grade, and was part of the graduating class of 2017. I was amazed at the environment I encountered. There really is a sense of community in the staff and fellow students. The technology department is amazing and teaches you countless valuable life skills that all young minds need to learn. All of the teachers endeavor on a daily basis to help each and every student achieve academic success. I truly was blessed to be able to attend St. Mary’s. I am happy to say because of the outstanding education I received at St. Mary’s, I made the honor roll at my current high school. I highly recommend St. Mary’s for any young mind eager to learn.

JP Brewster

Class of 2017