Changing schools was a daunting task for us. We didn’t know where to begin, but we knew we could no longer stay where we were.

St. Mary’s made it all so easy, doing everything for us and requiring so little from us.  After one meeting with the principal and key faculty/staff members, I knew we were in the best hands. I immediately trusted them to help my daughter become a happy and successful student. The transition was seamless, clearly demonstrating their understanding of a difficult time for us.  We were never just another family walking through the front doors. In fact, the attention given to us and the time spent with us made us feel like we were the only family!

When it comes to private schools, we all have choices. Many of them talk a good game, but fall short in their service to both the students and their families.  St. Mary’s helps their students achieve their own individual goals.  All faculty and staff are highly trained to engage the students to be successful at every level – academically, socially, and spiritually.  The principal is involved in all aspects of school life – from administration, to reading stories to the younger students, to working our fundraisers.  The children enjoy her frequent classroom visits and her attention to their work.

St. Mary’s has given my daughter the tools and the confidence she needs to perform her best. The staff’s dedication to each and every student is unprecedented.  In only 8 months, my daughter no longer struggles to perform in school.  There are no more tears in the morning. There are no more insurmountable piles of homework. She is now enjoying high honors, she’s playing an instrument in an advanced group, and she’s an altar server – in front of her peers at school Masses!

Being part of a smaller faith-based school has many benefits.  At St. Mary’s, you become a member of a wonderful family.  My daughter’s teachers know her as a person, not just as a student! They fully practice an open-door policy where communication is quick and easy, promoting a relaxed environment. St. Mary’s appreciates how important each and every one of us is and they are readily available to serve the needs of the students and their families. My only regret is that we didn’t come here sooner! 

Kathy Trigilio, Parent

Class of 2023

Our daughter, Jordan, is currently a tenth grader at Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart.  Thanks to the amazing education she received at St. Mary’s, her transition could not have been easier and she is excelling in all of her subjects!  Whether it is History, Religion, ELA, Math or Science she has a comfort level with all of her courses that we do not feel she would possess if she had not attended St. Mary’s.  Due to St. Mary’s offering accelerated math starting in sixth grade, Regents Earth Science and Algebra 1 in eighth grade and emphasizing good old fashioned grammar,  Jordan’s school performance and score on her entrance exam  earned her a partial scholarship to Sacred Heart, and currently she is one of the select Freshwomen that have been invited to enroll in their STEM Honors Cohort program.

Opportunities to be a lector at St. Mary’s weekly Masses have enabled Jordan to present to her class and speak in public with ease.  Instilling Catholic values and virtues in the school’s monthly service projects is a priceless gift and she has been blessed to be able to continue serving the community at Sacred Heart.

Kelley Carlson, Parent                                                                Class of 2018

I have found over the years that the students from St. Mary’s Swormville come to Mount St. Mary extremely well-prepared for the academic rigors of high school. They are good time managers and have learned how to learn. St. Mary’s Swormville students have had broad exposure to learning opportunities, and this makes them eager to take on challenges both inside and outside the classroom at Mount St. Mary. In addition, they come to us ready to be leaders and to serve others, two qualities very important to us at Mount St. Mary.

Our Catholic faith is central to every experience at Mount St. Mary, just as it is at St. Mary’s Swormville. Students from St. Mary’s have a strong foundation in their faith and this translates well to high school and beyond. Students’ faith experiences shape who they become as they seek answers to life’s questions in the light of Christ’s teachings. We find that St. Mary’s students have had many opportunities to serve others, and they understand the importance of helping those in need.

Julie R. Wojick

Assistant Principal for Institutional Advancement, Mount St. Mary Academy

Your children will receive an enriched Catholic education, and St. Mary School will become an extension of your family – a place where your children are cared for and loved. Each child realizes his or her full potential because of the community that surrounds and nurtures our children each day.

Matt & Lynda Carver

St. Mary parents

I really enjoyed my time at St. Mary’s school as it provided a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for my peers and I to learn and develop. The intimate class sizes encouraged teachers to know their students on a personal level.  This allowed them to tailor their methods to meet student needs beyond the curriculum. The teachers and staff I encountered at St. Mary’s school continuously encouraged us to put our best foot forward and develop the skills that would become crucial in future endeavors. I was well prepared to take on the demands of high school and college. In addition, the faith filled community helped me become the person I am today and put my faith into action. St. Mary’s school has taught me numerous invaluable lessons and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the graduating Class of 2012. I am now honored to be able to student teach at St. Mary’s school in order to have an impact on students, just like many of my teachers had on me. 

  Caitlin Quinn                                                                        Class of 2012

We are so proud to have placed our four boys at St. Mary School.  With the last of our children now moving on to high school, we have reflected on how blessed we are for the academics, the faith, the faculty and the kinship that is St. Mary School.  Not only did our children leave St. Mary’s well prepared for the rigors of high school, they left with a deep sense of Christ-centered values.  Even in high school, our children often comment on how their closest friends are from the relationships they made at St. Mary’s..

 St. Mary’s offers you more than just a school.  It offers families an opportunity to raise well-rounded young people through their focus on the whole child; mind, body and soul.

  John and Colleen Nettina, Parents                                    Classes of 2015, 2018, and 2019

St. Mary’s is designed to educate the entire person and to promote social justice with a strong commitment to the students and community. This is evident as students experience the first-hand dedication to service through the church and school’s assistance to those less fortunate. Faith is taught as a way to live and interact with everyone – with kindness, consideration, and integrity.

 St. Mary’s students also compete in academics which pushes one another to be their best!  As each of our children leaves or has left St. Mary’s, we know they did and will with a wealth of knowledge, a kindred spirit and hearts full of love while continuing to use their God-given gifts and talents to the best of their ability as they move/moved on to high school!  Due to location and distance, our St. Mary’s graduates have attended public high school and did so moving on into honors classes and entered 10th-grade math, Spanish and science classes their freshmen years, opening up time in 11th and 12th grades for extra courses that would help in their chosen areas of study in college. We are grateful for the foundation that our children received at St. Mary’s School, it is one that has proven to stay with them for the long haul!

Mike and Carolyn Luick, Parents

Classes of 2015, 2017, and 2019

If you’re looking for a Catholic school for your children, take it from a “new family” – choose St. Mary School. You will not be disappointed! 

From parish leadership to school leadership, teachers, staff, families and fellow students, it doesn’t get any better. St. Mary’s is the perfect size for our family and it will be for yours as well!

In addition to a quality education that’s inclusive of all the latest technology, the way St. Mary’s helps develop our children into good people is an extension of everything we try to teach at our kitchen table every night.

How to be kind and respect others. How to embrace differences. How to be charitable. These are the values, that in addition to a quality education; we were looking for in a school. 

We get that and so much more from St. Mary!

Tim Marren

St. Mary School Parent

I was given the gift to attend St. Mary’s for 7th and 8th grade, and was part of the graduating class of 2017. I was amazed at the environment I encountered. There really is a sense of community in the staff and fellow students. The technology department is amazing and teaches you countless valuable life skills that all young minds need to learn. All of the teachers endeavor on a daily basis to help each and every student achieve academic success. I truly was blessed to be able to attend St. Mary’s. I am happy to say because of the outstanding education I received at St. Mary’s, I made the honor roll at my current high school. I highly recommend St. Mary’s for any young mind eager to learn.

JP Brewster

Class of 2017