Why Catholic Schools

Why Catholic Schools?

  • Catholic Schools reflect the values of the church and family.
  • Catholic Schools offer a quality level of instruction. This is demonstrated year after year in national standardized test scores.
  • Catholic School students grow spiritually stronger in a Christian environment.
  • Catholic School teachers teach the Catholic worldview, not the worldview that focuses on relativism and materialism.
  • Catholic Schools support the family as the number one institution in our society.
  • Catholic Schools have reasonable standards of discipline, and hold the children accountable for their actions.
  • Catholic Schools instill a spirit of service. It is taught that we should be contributors to society, not just takers.
  • Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s education through volunteer activities. We are in partnership with the parent.
  • Catholic Schools believe that your child is a gift from God, and that God has a good plan for him or her. Each child is seen as special, and with meaningful potential that we are privileged to help the child identify and realize.
  • Research reveals that students who attend church regularly, participate in religious youth activities and are enrolled in Catholic schools have a substantially brighter view of life and its purpose.