Expectations of appropriate bus behavior

Although students are under the direct supervision and authority of the transportation company while on the bus, we, as a Catholic Christian school, have expectations of exemplary behavior for all our students, who at all times, represent Saint Mary School:

  • Please be at the stop before the bus’s scheduled arrival time; it will not wait for latecomers.
  • When crossing in front of the bus, be sure you are far enough away from the bus that you are able to see the driver’s face.
  • Take a seat and remain seated at all times until you reach your destination.
  • Never place your head, hands or arms out of a window.
  • Eating, drinking, shouting, fighting, and use of bad language are not permitted on the bus.
  • Please keep the bus clean; do not throw papers or other trash on the floor or seats. Never make any marks on seats, sides or windows of the bus.
  • Permission for a change in bus or stop may only be obtained through the district Transportation Department.
  • While waiting at school to board the bus, there must be no horseplay, punching or shoving; form a single line to board the bus.
  • Common courtesy toward the driver and other students is expected. The driver has full authority in the operation of the bus and discipline of the passengers. Drivers are due the same respect as teachers.