The acronym CREED spells our word for the year, and is a reminder to us of those activities and values in which we believe and that we will continue to enrich:

C – Children, Communication, Consistency
R – Religiosity, Reading, Rubrics
E – Engagement
E – Excellence, ELA
D – Differentiation, Discipline

Children, Communication and Consistency:
· We are committed to keeping our focus on the children, and doing all in our power to bring the very best of Catholic education and discipleship to them. Communication will be enhanced with the introduction of the Google Guardian application, used in grades 2-8. Parents who join the program will receive daily updates via email with homework and any class announcements. Grades K and 1 will be publishing weekly newsletters via email to their families every Monday. A more detailed Parent/Student Handbook will be distributed to all families at Meet the Teacher Night, and also posted on our website. Consistency is assured through training and buy-in on the part of every teacher.
Religiosity, Reading and Rubrics:
· Christ-centered character education and the Middle School EDGE program will be presented monthly on Friday noon-dismissal days. Inclusion of more sacred song, and continuation of our religious field trips and retreats is planned. Our new reading programs at K-5 are being emphasized through block scheduling and a focus on leveled reading. We also kicked off a Reading Challenge at our opening assembly on the first day of school! Communication of project standards and expectations (rubrics) will be disseminated to parent and students in grades 3-8.
· Our wonderful faculty will continue to engage all students with more project-based learning, collaboration, hands-on and interdisciplinary work.
Excellence and ELA:
· Our quality of teaching for learning is paramount. We will continue to focus on the full and appropriate implementation of our enhanced K-8 ELA programs, and are committed to relevant and continuous professional development through our collaboration with BOCES and experts in the field of education.
Differentiation and Discipline:
· With expanded AIS at all levels, we will continue to meet students at their levels in all subject areas. Lunch detention for incomplete work or behavioral issues will be implemented at the 6-7-8 level.

Our CREED is all about Learning, Leading, and Serving, and we pray this prayer at each class, each day: