Each year the Future City program challenges teams around the world to design a city of the future while answering a real-world problem.  The challenge for 2019-2020 is Clean Water: Tap Into Tomorrow. This year, teams will choose a threat to their city’s water supply and design a resilient system to maintain a reliable supply of clean drinking water.

For the last FIVE months, nine St. Mary School students in grades 6-8 have been researching and designing their solution to this real world problem.  The result is Ameridhika, a futuristic city with clean drinking water in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.   Team members developed a project plan, completed a virtual city simulation, wrote a 1,500 word essay, and built a physical model.  The team will present their solution to a team of judges on Saturday January 11 at the regional competition.  The team hopes that the judges are “satisfied”, the English translation of Ameridhika!

Ameridhika was created by Alex Zgoda, James Eskra, Annabelle Lewis, Audrey Jensen, Matthew Carver, Dylan Leong, Mia Gilham, Michael Masci, and Alex Kania.  Good luck SMS!

Future City Team Ameridhika is Ready to Compete

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