Hallway Symphony Created with Makey Makey

St. Mary School, Swormville’s 4th grade students utilized their knowledge of circuitry and worked hard to create a hallway symphony with Makey Makey.

What is a makey makey?” you ask. 
The Makey Makey is a tool that allows users to create an external keyboard that will work on a computer by using a circuit board, alligator clips and a usb cable. The Makey Makey uses closed loop electrical signals to send the computer either a keyboard or mouse signal.
The 4th grade created large pressure mats to fit on the top of a 24″ foam floor mat using cardboard, foil tape, and 14 gauge wire. After it was assembled the wires were hooked up to the Makey Makey and then to a musical keyboard program on the computer. When each mat is tapped, a different sound will play. Similar to the piano seen in the movie, Big.
Students and teachers alike have enjoyed tapping out a tune in the hallway.