INCLUSIVITY at St. Mary School

INCLUSIVITY (n.) A new way of naming our commitment to and practice of inclusion. As in, Saint Mary School’s spirit of inclusivity. Involving all students in every aspect of the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual experiences that define Saint Mary School…….

“Inclusivity” won’t be found in the dictionary, but it is vibrantly alive and practiced at Saint Mary School in each classroom, by each teacher, and affecting every student.

We at Saint Mary’s recognize that each student is unique, and our entire faculty and staff are attuned and committed to facilitating the growth and success of all our students, including those with special needs. As advocates, role models (for colleagues and students alike) and confident instructors, our teachers go the extra mile to differentiate and reach all students at their learning levels, working additional hours, meeting with colleagues and family members to identify needs and optimize classroom experiences, and dedicating themselves to providing each child who strives in his or her own way, to feel and know success. We see and celebrate the richness of diversity in our classrooms; we seamlessly accommodate and modify techniques to meet children’s needs; we communicate and collaborate with colleagues and specialists; and most importantly, we harbor no fear or reluctance to welcome students with special needs. We live and share the spirit of inclusivity – every day – in a school where all are welcomed.