Home School Association


Dear St. Mary’s Families,

Each year HSA sponsors two major fundraisers, “Fall into Cash” cash raffle, the Sr. Shelia School Marathon, and the “Spring for Success” Auction that requires 100% participation of our school families.  HSA also supports the Parish Picnic and Wine Pairing event which raises money for the Sister Shelia Scholarship Fund.   

Participation in these fundraisers by every family is essential because HSA is directly responsible for raising 15% of the School’s operating budget. The success of these events has a direct impact on St. Mary’s School and our faith community.  Without these fundraising efforts, tuition rates would rise significantly. More detail about each family’s responsibility toward fundraising is set out in this Guide.  Contact Kristen Lewis, HSA President, with any questions or comments at HSA@stmaryschoolswormville.org.

Thank you for choosing St. Mary’s School and being a member of St. Mary’s Faith Community! Your presence makes St. Mary’s School a better and stronger community. We look forward to meeting each and every one of you during the year ahead. 

St. Mary’s HSA

Our Next Event:

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Home School Association (“HSA”) Mission

St. Mary’s Home School Association is parent/guardian organization whose mission is to coordinate fundraising opportunities, connect families through social and spiritual events in our St. Mary’s Faith Community and to provide a forum of discussion between home and school which aids St. Mary’s in its mission to benefit our children.

It operates within the framework of all policies and guidelines of the school and the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. The specific functions of the organization are to:

  • Facilitate fundraising in support of the school operations;
  • Provide effective communication between the school and the home in order to provide continuity with parents/caregivers;
  • Sponsor spirit-filled events that sustain and define St. Mary School;
  • Provide and coordinate service assistance to the school;
  • Sponsor well-planned programs which will encourage all aspects of educational, social, and spiritual growth of the students, parents and faculty.

H.S.A. Officers & Committee Chairs for 2019 – 2020


  • Co-Presidents – Kristen Lewis and Kim Colaiacovo
  • Vice President – Elizabeth Sendlak
  • Secretary – Katie Marren
  • Treasurer – Jennifer Noah

Committee Chairs :

  • Volunteer Coordinators – Heidi Sutt and Dawn Seguin
  • Advancement – Stephanie States
  • Communication Coordinator – Nicole Millich
  • Spiritual Coordinator – Kathy Trigilio

    HSA Meetings

    HSA meetings generally are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the School cafeteria. All are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend. At each meeting, the school Principal Mary Jo Aiken provides a report regarding what is going on at the School. You also have an opportunity to hear from HSA officers and committees about school events and updates. Check the St. Mary’s “Buzz” each week for specific information regarding HSA meetings. Minutes from each meeting are also published on the School website, so please check regularly for updated information!

    St. Mary’s Fundraising Obligation

    HSA has a financial responsibility to raise 15% of the School’s operating budget each year. In order to reach this goal, we have three fundraisers that require 100% participation to reach our goal. A description of each of the fundraisers, date and fundraising requirements are as follows:

    • Sr. Shelia School Marathon: October 2, 2019
      • Suggested Minimum Expectation:  collect pledges of at least $25 per child.
    • Fall Meat Raffle: November 16, 2019
      • Suggested Minimum Expectation: attend and encourage others to attend or work at the event
    • Spring Meat Raffle: March 14, 2020
      • Suggested Minimum Expectation: attend and encourage others to attend or work at the event
    • Spring for Success Auction: TBD
      • Suggested Minimum Expectation: participation in a gift gathering event, donation for class gift, donate an auction item or experience and/or volunteer for the event.

    HSA offers several other fundraising opportunities throughout the year that provide additional revenue toward our fundraising goal. Additional optional fundraising opportunities include:

    • Gertrude Hawkins Easter Chocolate Sale: historically raises close to $4,000 
    • Square1Art: opportunity to turn your child’s artwork into beautiful keepsakes with return profit of up to 38% on purchases.
    • SchoolKidz Supply Kits: Convenient way to purchase school supplies from a teacher-tailored supply list with 10% return to the School.
    • Scholastic Book Fair: An annual fundraiser that benefits the library and classrooms’ book collections.  The book fair gives students and teachers the opportunity to create wish lists and shop during assigned class times. A portion of the proceeds is returned as profit to the School.   

    St. Mary’s Involvement Obligation

    H.S.A. needs you! Involvement is a crucial component of the St. Mary’s School experience and is integral to the strength of the School. By volunteering with St. Mary’s School, we are providing role models of service for our children and fostering a sense of unity within the Faith Community.

    Volunteers make all of these events possible and allow you to contribute your time and talents. There are countless opportunities to get involved within St. Mary’s School and the Faith Community. In addition to the events listed on the preceding page, volunteers are needed at the Parish Wine Tasting and annual St. Mary’s Parish Picnic. You can get involved by chairing an event, joining an event committee, volunteering, sharing your ideas, and most importantly – attending School events.

    *We ask that ALL families volunteer for at least one school HSA event by donating the items needed and/or working at the event. Look on Sign Up Genius for our upcoming events throughout the year for ways to help! Contact Donna Zgoda, our Volunteer Chair, if you have any questions about a Sign Up Genius account.