School Prayers

Daily Prayers

Prayer Before Classes

Dear Lord,
Let Me:
LEARN with enthusiasm
LEAD with humility, and
SERVE with respect.


In The Morning

O God, my loving Father,
Bless me at school today,
And help me to be attentive,
Bless me at home today,
And help me to be obedient,
Bless me at games today,
And help me to be unselfish,
Bless me at meals today,
And help me to be thankful
For Jesus’ sake.


Morning Prayer

Dear God, As I begin this day,
Keep me in your love and care.
Help me to live as your child today.
Bless me, my family, and my friends.
In all we do.
Keep us all close to you.

Bless This Day Prayer

We ask God’s blessing on our lives.
Each day we must walk with Jesus.
God, Father and Creator,
Bless us this day
In all we do and think and say.
Bless our hearts and our lives
As we walk the way of Jesus.
We ask your blessing on all your people.
May we live in love each day.
We ask this in the name of
Your Holy Spirit of love.


For Things We Enjoy

Lord we thank thee for this day,
For these hours of work and play,
For the shining sun above,
For they great and tender love.
Help us, Lord, thy will to do,
Make us loving, kind, and true.


Prayer Before Homework

Jesus, as I begin my homework,
Give me confidence and hope.
Send me your Spirit to help me do my best.
If I get discouraged, give me patience.
If I start to daydream, help me to focus.
When I finish, help me to know that you and I together did a good job.


For Kind People

For God our Father: I thank thee
For all kind people.
Help me always to be
Kind and helpful to others,
Day by day.


Act of Contrition

My God,
I am sorry for my sins.
In choosing to sin
And failing to do good,
I have sinned against you
And your church.
I firmly intend,
With the help of your Son,
To make up for my sins
And to love as I should.


Grace Before Meals

Bless us, O Lord,
And these your gifts
Which we are about to receive
From your goodness,
Through Christ our Lord.