“I don’t consider this work. It’s just what I think God put me here to do.”

These are the words of Abby Budzinski-Lake, second grade teacher at St. Mary’s. After teaching fifth grade for 12 years, she began teaching second grade in 2014.

“I can’t imagine teaching anywhere but a Catholic school. Not being able to teach and show the importance of God being first in our lives is unfathomable to me,” Mrs. B-Lake said. “I love being able to guide my students in incorporating their faith into their lives. I personally feel that is more important than their math lessons.”

During her years at St. Mary’s, Mrs. B-Lake directed the fifth graders each year in presenting the Living Stations of the Cross during Lent. She also shares her talent as a violinist with the school choir.

“I love teaching second grade because I understand the fundamentals the students need in order to succeed in their continuing years,” she said. “ I remember some of the hurtles my previous students had and I can help my present students avoid some of those.”

Mrs. B-Lake reports a successful and wonderful academic year. The class worked on a STREAM program with the Buffalo Zoo which concluded with a fantastic winter field trip.

According to Mrs. B-Lake, her students worked very hard to complete the math curriculum, and then explored third grade math. Building a love of reading is one her priorities and this year, her students read awesome books individually and as a book study.

Thank you Mrs. B-Lake for your dedication to St. Mary’s School and Catholic education.