Saint Mary School’s Teachers Choose to Serve

We all know that teachers serve. They serve their students and the families who depend upon them for quality education. But at Saint Mary School, Swormville, the concept of service goes one step beyond to the wider community. Teachers recently led students in an...

Faculty Professional Development

ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES (ACEs) Last week our faculty professional development was focused upon adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their effects upon behavior, physical and mental health. Based upon a study of 17,000 participants, it is estimated that 64%...

Circuitry Science

Fourth grade is starting to learn about energy and circuitry. Through guided inquiry, our SMS scientists are investigating what kinds of circuits will light the bulb!            

All-School Lenten Retreat Day

On Ash Wednesday, St. Mary School students attended Mass, received ashes, and participated in service, prayer, and faith activities throughout the day to prepare our hearts for Jesus. Our All-School Retreat Day is now an Ash Wednesday tradition at SMS.


  Fr. Andrew blessed the cozy fleece blankets that our students crafted for Project Linus.  Mrs. Trigilio's students at St. Luke's Mission Homeschool also contributed blankets.  The blankets are distributed through Joanne's Fabrics to hospitalized and chronically ill...

Outerspace in the Makerspace

After reading the book, "A Wrinkle In Time," the 5th grade was assigned a planet creation project. Students created their own 3-D planet model and wrote a report about the planet. 

Grade 2 Science Experiment

Mrs. Lougen and our 2nd graders are experimenting with the power of wind during Science class. They learned about what is needed to have a tower withstand intense winds. 

3-D Printing in the “Hive” Makerspace

The Engineering Design Process is being employed by St. Mary School's students in order to create 3-D objects in their high tech Hive. They had to describe the problem or goal, brainstorm ideas, decide on the best idea from which to build their prototype. Using...